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Dive Lake Mead on the only USCG Dive Boat holding a license from the National Park Service to operate in the Lake Mead National Recreational area.

Welcome to one of the top five fresh water dive destinations in the United States! No, it's not the Caribbean, but our Lake Mead is a great dive destination for those of us who just want to blow bubbles or take a break from the Las Vegas Strip. Wild Life includes Big Horn sheep sightings, Coyotes and Donkeys on the top side and underwater you will see Large Mouth Bass, Blue Gill, Stripers, Catfish, Carp, Shad, Fresh Water Sponges, Fresh Water Jelly Fish and a whole array of other organisms that have have made the Lake Mead ecosystem there home. Every depth shown below is about 20 feet shallower as the lake is in a drought mode at the moment but lets hope for a big snow pack next year!

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